Preservation of fertility

We know that, over time, there are fewer eggs of less quality. This is the main reason for difficulties in getting pregnant, which is why young women who do not want to have children at that precise moment in time can freeze their eggs for storage in our continuously-monitored liquid nitrogen tanks. In this way, the eggs do not age and can be used in the future is the patient cannot get pregnant naturally.

How does the treatment work?

1 - First medical consultation (approx. 1h)
2 - Initiation of ovarian stimulation
3 - Egg retrieval day
4 - Freezing of eggs
5 - Maintenance of the frozen eggs

What makes FIV Obradors different?

  • Automatic identification system of the biological samples (sperm, eggs and embryos)(IVFWitness). This system uses radio frequency micro-chips that avoid samples from different patients being mixedup and, therefore, it eliminates the risk of fatal human errors. It is included in all treatments. This technology is not mandatory in Spain and can only be found in three other IVF clinics in the country.
  • Continued monitoring of your eggs.Your eggs will be inside liquid nitrogen tanks with an incorporated thermometer that informs us 24 hours a day whether there is any change in the temperature. In this way we ensure that your eggs are stable and well-stored until you need them.
  • Extensive experience in vitrification. Dr. Albert Obradors has led a group of embryologists that has vitrified and thawed around 75,000 eggs over four years. This significant number of procedures has enabled him to understand, standardise and improve the technique, so much so that he has run courses for other embryologists in France, Belgium, Brazil, Morocco, Algeria, and even Russia.

Do you want to have a baby?

We offer a completerange of treatments using state-of-the-art technology and with a professional, honest and close approach. We want to make you feel at home.

We wish to accompany you in a close and committed way during such an important process

We monitor all the stages required to obtain a pregnancy: consultation, laboratory and operating room. We aim for excellence each step of the way.

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