IVF with donor eggs

This is used with women who do not have functioning ovaries for medical reasons or who are, reproductively speaking, of advanced age. It works like IVF with the difference being the eggs are extracted from a donor who hands over their biological material to the patient.

Com funciona el tractament?

1 - First medical consultation (approx. 1h)
2 - Selection of the egg donor with exhaustive genetic study
3 - Anonyomous donor
4 - Ovarian stimulation of the donor
5 - Donor egg retrieval
6 - ICSI
7 - Embryo culture in a Time-Lapse incubator
8 - Embryo culture follow-up
9 - Freezing all the embryos
10 - Patient preparation
11 - Embryo transfer
12 - Maintenance the surplus embryos
13 - Genetic selection of the obtained embryos

What makes FIV Obradors different?

  • 1 donor = 1 patient. Egg donation for one sole patient. All the eggs obtained from your donor will be for you, they are not shared among different patients, so you have more chances of getting pregnant.
  • At least 4 top-quality embryos at D+5 (blastocyst). To obtain a higher than average accumulated pregnancy rate, we guarantee that patients have a minimum of four top-quality embryos frozen. If not, we apply a 25% discount for each embryo we do not obtain. So, if we obtain 3, we apply a 25% discount; if we obtain 2, a 50% discount; if we obtain 1, a 75% discount, and if we do not obtain any embryos you do not pay anything. This is our promise.
  • Exhaustive selection of egg donors (and of sperm, if necessary). We have an extremely exhaustive donor selection process that chooses healthy donors who are free of the 420 most common genetic diseases.
  • Uninterrupted embryo culture.Using state-of-the-art incubators with an integrated Time-Lapse system at no extra cost to the patient. These incubators allow the development of the embryos to be monitored without removing them from the incubator, thanks to the photographs taken by a small camera incorporated in it. This enables the development of the embryo to be maximized and, furthermore, for us to make a film of the first days of life of the embryo, which the patient will receive at no extra cost.
  • Blastocyst.Culture of the embryo up to day +5 of life enables a better selection of obtained embryos to increase the chances of success. At no extra cost.
  • Automatic identification system of the biological samples (sperm, eggs and embryos)(IVFWitness). This system uses radio frequency micro-chips that avoid samples from different patients being mixedup and, therefore, it eliminates the risk of fatal human errors. It is included in all treatments. This technology is not mandatory in Spain and can only be found in three other IVF clinics in the country.
  • Genetic Diagnosis of embryos option (PGD). If we obtain lots of good quality embryos at D+5, an extra genetic selection may be done to find the ones that have even more options of resulting in pregnancy. There is an extra charge for the patient.
La FIV avec don d’ovocytes

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