Artificial insemination (IUI) with husband’s sperm

It is the simplest and least invasive technique. It is used with couples with an unknown cause of infertility, meaning a young woman and a man with normal sperm who cannot get pregnant naturally.

How does the treatment work?

1 - First medical consultation (approx. 1h)
2 - Initiation of ovarian stimulation
3 - IUI Day

What makes FIV Obradors different?

  • Automatic identification system of the biological samples (sperm, eggs and embryos)(IVFWitness).This system uses radio frequency micro-chips that avoid samples from different patients being mixedup and, therefore, it eliminates the risk of fatal human errors. It is included in all treatments. This technology is not mandatory in Spain and can only be found in three other IVF clinics in the country.
  • We adapt to your ideal moment for insemination
  • We work with the sperm sample in our laboratory to avoid shipping it to other centres, ensuring maximum control and quality.

Do you want to have a baby?

We offer a completerange of treatments using state-of-the-art technology and with a professional, honest and close approach. We want to make you feel at home.

We wish to accompany you in a close and committed way during such an important process

We monitor all the stages required to obtain a pregnancy: consultation, laboratory and operating room. We aim for excellence each step of the way.

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