Albert Obradors

Albert Obradors

Biologist and Laboratory Director

Albert Obradors is a biologist and has developed his professional career in the field of assisted reproduction. The gynaecological knowledge of his father and the clinic’s Medical Director, Josep Obradors, has always been a driving force behind Albert Obradors when exploring the disciplines of Biology and Genetics and adapting all that accumulated experience into fertility and treatments for couples and people who wish to have children.

His professional path led him to work at Eugin for seven years, where he managed the Eugin Group laboratories worldwide. With the support of his previous team of biologists, he has helped more than 10,000 families have children. He has published around twenty scientific articles and has given numerous speeches at European, American, African and national conferences. His knowledge has enabled him to audit other assisted reproduction clinics in Europe, America and Africa to help them improve their pregnancy success results.

He is a Doctor of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and of Yale University in the USA with research on Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).
He is the Laboratory Director at the FIV Obradors Clinic and will assist you during informative visits about the treatments carried out as well as during the diagnostic medical visit you need. He will support you throughout the assisted reproduction process.

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The proven experience and career in gynaecology and biology of the FIV Obradors team enables us to offer a comprehensive and expert service duringthe assisted reproduction process. Gynaecologist, Josep Obradors, and biologist, Albert Obradors, form a professional duo specialising in supporting people who wish to become parents.

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We monitor all the stages required to obtain a pregnancy: consultation, laboratory and operating room. We aim for excellence each step of the way.

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