Who can come to FIV Obradors ?

All those people having difficulties in conceiving a child and who require medical, technological and psychological support to achieve it.

In general they are couples, heterosexual or homosexual, or women who have decided to become mothers. We adapt our services and treatments to each client’s needs to optimise the chances of success.

To come to the clinic, should we have visited a gynaecologist first?

It is not strictly necessary, although highly recommended. 90% of couples who come to us already know they need treatment because they have been referred by a gynaecologist who has done a basic fertility study.

In many cases, the problems with achieving pregnancy have an unknown factor and there is not a clear cause that explains why the couples cannot conceive.

What are your success rates?

The success rates in the centres where we have worked or contributed are higher than the Spanish and European average. FIV Obradors forecasts obtaining the same excellent results regarding the level of positive pregnancy tests.

Do partners receive psychological support?

Yes, our patients receive psychological support before, during and after treatment. We are aware of the great pyschological stress that assisted reproduction treatment can create, which is why we offer continuous support when the patient needs it. This is included in the price of the treatment.

What treatments do you do and what do they entail ?

You can see all the information on treatments here.

How do treatments start?

At the beginning of any treatment, there are two kinds of visits (the first is optional):

  • Informative visit: you will meet with Dr. Albert Obradors, Laboratory Director, who will explain in detail the different treatments done at the clinic, which techniques are used and what they entail, as well as providing you with an estimate of the treatment you require. This visit is free of charge.
  • Diagnostic medical visit: you will meet with Dr. Josep Obradors, Medical Director, and Dr. Albert Obradors, Laboratory Director. They will study your case and medical history, and will do an ultrasound and seminogram -when necessary- to make an accurate diagnosis. In this way, they can suggest different treatments that may be useful for you and they can give you an estimate for the chosen treatments. This diagnostic medical visit costs 80 euros, and will be deducted from the total price of the treatment.

As you have the clinic in Figueres, do I have to stay in the town during the treatment days?

You do not have to stay in Figueres, you just have to come to extract the eggs and return 3-5 days later for the embryo transfer. However, if you require, FIV Obradors will handle everything to help you have a good stay, from looking for the transport, accommodation and restaurants you prefer during the day you come to the clinic. Our aim is for the women and couples who visit us to feel at home during the treatment and you can take advantage of the visit to discover Figueres and the Empordà region.

The handling of each case will be personalised and will adapt as much as possible to the woman’s or couple’s availability.