Genetic diagnosis of embryos (PGD)

Some couples are carriers of a genetic disease, even though both members are completely healthy. These couples have a greater risk of having children with a serious medical or mental problem. Some couples are healthy but have a chromosome alteration that makes a normal pregnancy difficult. For these two types of couples, we can do an IVF cycle and study their embryos to choose those free of the genetic alteration. In this way, their children will be completely healthy.

How does the treatment work?

1 - First medical consultation (approx. 1h)
2 - PGD viability study
3 - Initiation of ovarian stimulation
4 - Egg retrieval day
5 - ICSI
6 - Embryo culture in a Time-Lapse incubator
7 - Embryo culture follow-up
8 - Embryo biopsy
9 - Genetic diagnosis of the embryos
10 - Fresh or frozen transfer of all the embryos
11 - Embryo transfer
12 - Freezing the surplus embryos

What makes FIV Obradors different?

  • Uninterrupted embryo culture. Using state-of-the-art incubators with an integrated Time-Lapse system at no extra cost to the patient. These incubators allow the development of the embryos to be monitored without removing them from the incubator, thanks to the photographs taken by a small camera incorporated in it. This enables the development of the embryo to be maximized and, furthermore, for us to make a film of the first days of life of the embryo, which the patient will receive at no extra cost.
  • Automatic identification system of the biological samples (sperm, eggs and embryos)(IVFWitness). This system uses radio frequency micro-chips that avoid samples from different patients being mixedup and, therefore, it eliminates the risk of fatal human errors. It is included in all treatments. This technology is not mandatory in Spain and can only be found in three other IVF clinics in the country.
  • Extensive experience with PGD. Dr. Albert Obradors is a specialist in genetics applied to the study of embryos. In fact, he has published various scientific articles in the field and his doctoral thesis was on PGD.
  • Use of the latest diagnostic technology. We use the latest available technology, NGS, which allows a complete, safe and double diagnosis as we can detect diseases and also check that the embryo’s chromosomes are all normal, to maximize their reproductive ability.

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